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Venus Flytrap Feeding

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rocksmith Reviews

Rockmith reviews exist as guitar lovers are everywhere!  Whether you strum to Gospel, death metal
, folk music, or classic rock the guitar is a much desired instrument to master.  That is the very premise of the Rocksmith game.

Rocksmith is a guitar simulator game that actually allows one to play with a real guitar, bass guitar, or lead guitar (electric).  PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows are the platforms upon which you can play the Rocksmith music game.

It's unique from Rock Band as it really has actual application to the real instrument on the game interface!  The video below goes more into detail:

My name is Nikki.  The preferred method of play for me is PS3.  If you are looking to buy Rocksmith Bundle see this Rocksmith Reviews link for a great deal under $40 for a brand new bundle of the Rocksmith game!

Read more about Rocksmith reviews here at Rocksmith Wikipedia.

Hear and Play Drums DVD

If you love drums and always wanted to learn to actually play them, look no further.  You see, Hear
and Play Drums DVD is an excellent tutorial which can teach anyone with a will and drive to play drums!

Hear and Play is a reputable website founded by Germaine Griggs who is a self-made millionaire for his savvy in business in music instruction.    Hear and Play Drums is just one of many products Griggs has produced to teach others how to play instruments.

What you can expect with this drum DVD is a three part series of drumming tutorials by video.  The lessons on Hear and Play Drums 101 start with the basics from how to hold a stick to establishing coordination with the hands and feet.  Hear and Play Drums 102 is more advanced with lessons various rudiments and exercises while touching on genres of playing drums.  Hear and Play Drums 103 is the ultimate as it takes those into expert drumming with the flashy handles to tricks of the trade by top professionals.

My name is Nikki and I play drums as well as one daughter, two sons, and my husband.  With a set in my garage Hear and Play Drums series is ideal because we do not have to worry about outside lessons, gas, and time juggling sessions with a drum teacher.  We each watch and practice at our levels and benefit a great deal from these quality instruction videos!

Watch video of instructor Kennieth "Bam" Alexander to get an idea the teaching presentation with Hear and Play Drums:

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